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Website Development

Mr Fix It Rentals
Mr Fix It Rentals

Web Designers and Developers in Edinburgh & York

We would love to help you and your business excel with a fixed-price website, mobile app, domain name, email, hosting and more.

We know everyone’s different – just get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs so we can offer you a bespoke, tailored package at a fair price!

You need a website, an online shop, or an ordering system.  Or, your existing site needs a refresh, and fast.  Your business needs a better online presence, but professionally developed sites can cost thousands and you don’t have that kind of budget.  You need to be able to compete online, but you don’t have time to learn how to build a professional system, because you’re already too busy running your company.

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The websites we make are not just WordPress themes. With so many people building click + drop websites, having a custom build will make your company stand out and look more professional. We don’t have to squeeze your look into a ready-made theme. We start with your brand and create a site to display it.  As a result, sites we build will load faster than a typical theme, which reduces bounce-back from your site.

Widgets and plugins are useful tools for your website. Some are public, some are for admin users, or you can specify different ones for different user roles. There are thousands available and drop-in, ready-made ones can be useful. But, sometimes you need specialised information about an aspect of your business. With our coding background, we can design widgets that can streamline your admin, saving you time.
If you don’t have a domain name, we can provide you with one.  For example, ‘‘ or ‘
If you don’t have a brand already, Pete is a visual genius. He’s got years of experience making websites look great and he’ll be the perfectionist you only wish you were. For examples of our design work, be sure to check out our website gallery.
You need an online shop. You don’t have time, or frankly, the desire, to build one from scratch or from one of the many ubiquitous online sites. But, you also don’t want to be reliant on an engineer to run it. You need to be able to administer it easily once it’s built. This is where we fit in. We will craft the online presence you need, get it running quickly and securely for your customers, and hand it back over to you with the tools you need to manage and grow your business. Job done. If you need more support down the line, we’re a phone call away.
Suddenly it’s all takeaways! We’re making sites for restaurants who need an ordering system to keep their business growing remotely. We can work with your existing ordering system or help provide a new one. We’re also working with restaurants to deliver at-table ordering systems to assist with social-distancing. Depending on your circumstances, an app may be more suitable than a website. Click here for more about the app services we provide..

Booking sites are for businesses like hair-dressers, cottage rentals and sit-in restaurants. They need a system to reserve time. You could wait for the phone to ring and scribble down information from future customers. Or, we could digitise your calendar and let your website become your booking best friend.

In addition to the ability to take bookings 24/7, digital booking gives you, the business owner, a valuable insight into your customer base. Standard web analytics can answer questions like ‘When and where are people booking?’ ‘Are they on desktop or mobile?’ ‘What are my customer demographics?’ This individualised information can help you tailor your business marketing strategies.

You have a great business, but you need help to write it all out for your new website. More than just content, copy gets your website in front of more people who will become your customers. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps customers find your website on search engines like Google.

Your website is a powerful business tool. Your pages advertise your brand and products to future customers. Widgets can instantly show information that might regularly take you hours to calculate. Optimised hosting gives your customers speed and security when purchasing and booking from your site.

A webpage isn’t just a pretty page or glorified business card. Designed thoughtfully, it can be a tool that works 24/7 and saves you time over and over again.

We understand that some people need a professional website quickly and will be fine on their own afterwards. We have refreshed company websites in as little as a week, from first phone call to their new site going live.

Other companies don’t fit into a simple structure and need a more tailored approach. We’re proud to say we have worked with some of our companies for years and enjoy continuing to problem-solve with them.

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