We offer a full range of services and specialize in stylish and contemporary designs that are beautiful, accessible and easy to use.


Whether it’s a simple single page with your contact details, a fully functioning E-commerce site with live stock control or anything in between, you can be sure your new website is in good hands.


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce
  • All Sites are Responsive (mobile)
  • Branding
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress etc)
  • Analytics
  • SEO Optimization



In today’s digital market it is phenomenally game-changing to have a Native Mobile app or Progressive Web App (PWA) to reach a wider audience and engage more effectively with your customers.


We can design, build and deploy a stylish mobile app for Android and iOS which lifts your brand to new highs and has a natural and fun user experience your customers will love.


Some of our services include:

  • App Design
  • Backend Server and API Development
  • Private or Social Login
  • Push Notifications
  • Online and Offline Database Integration
  • Native Device Hardware Integration (Camera, GPS, Microphone, etc)
  • Custom Widget Design
  • Custom Interactive Graphics
  • Android and iOS Native SDK/Plugin Development
  • Testing (Acceptance, Unit, Integration, Scalability, and Penetration)



Need a small utility program or script, custom plugin, mobile SDK, RESTful web service or desktop app?


  • Custom Utility Scripts
  • Custom Web Scripts
  • Custom Web Services & API Design
  • Desktop App Development
  • Eclipse Plugin Development
  • Mobile SDK Development
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • and more!

Cyber Security


Protecting user data and your business from day one is absolutely fundamental to a successful product. In fact, it’s now a requirement of GDPR.


If you’re just starting out on a website, backend web service and API, or mobile app, then we offer a comprehensive consultancy service to help you make proactive choices for developing a highly robust system. We recognize that no system is completely secure, but we’ll do our best to raise the bar as high as possible!


If you already have a web site or an Android or iOS mobile app, we can offer a penetration testing service and highlight and rank potential vulnerabilities in your system (such as those detailed in OWASP), and suggest ways to mitigate attacks and keep your users safe.