Does ‘super fast web hosting’ actually make your site go faster?

Using a faster server, more CPU, more RAM, etc., doesn’t necessarily mean your site will run faster.

What use is a supercar if you put a learner driver in it and only run it in first gear?

Most website hosts just leave you to get on with it.  You get an account, a link to some instructions, and it’s over to you. Good luck!


Why is Simon Peter Media’s Optimised Hosting different?

Simply put, it’s about making sure your website makes the best use of the server resources it has, so it always runs as fast as possible and gives your users the best experience.  Unlike host providers which just provide you with the hosting platform, we offer a personalised upgrade for your website.

‘Optimised hosting’ means that we:

  • Analyse every single website individually
  • Expertly adjust WordPress settings to maximise efficiency and speed
  • Make daily back ups of your site, which are saved for 4 weeks at a time
  • continually balance our servers, avoiding congestion for best performance
  • give you sophisticated premium cache plugins specifically for WordPress
  • optimise how much data flows between your clients and your website
  • include an enterprise grade firewall and malware scanner for added security
  • Free SSL certification and HTTPS as standard

Optimised Hosting means you don’t need to worry about complicated technical details -we look after each website we host.

What is HTTPS and SSL certification?

HTTP is the protocol that sends information to and from a website and a user.  HTTPS is the secured version of sending information through the internet. 

HTTPS encrypts your information to keep it private, and checks it hasn’t been tampered with between source and destination.  An SSL certificate further authenticates your information by checking that it is actually from where it is supposed to be from.  


Security for Business

Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari alert users whenever they visit unsecured sites.  Google also considers site security in ordering its search ranking.  So, if your site does not have these important security checks, it will look less trustworthy to your users and might even have a lower google ranking than a similar site with better security certification.

To use another car analogy, http is like a skateboard. https is like an armoured car!

Our Optimised Hosting means that your website pages are always accessed through HTTPS.

HTTPS and SSL certification as standard

Considering its importance, it’s not surprising that many hosting sites charge extra for their security packages.  Our Optimised Hosting however offers free SSL certification as standard.

For your peace of mind, we offer great support packages to ensure we are always on hand should you have any questions or concerns, or if anything goes wrong.